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  • Access your Time Sheet (daily) only through this page, for security & pay approval purposes. Please see the Employee Handbook for directions and policy; see online Help and the standard form Employee Agreement (EA).
  • You re-affirm: "I have re-read recently the Employee Handbook at this website."
  • You are required to fully enter your time daily, you affirm with each time entry: "Under penalty of perjury my daily entries in my Time Sheets (TS or SATS or WTS) are true and correct per Company policy."  Please, never violate workplace rules.

Always enter time DAILY and against the correct project (sub-client /job) on your Time Sheet (TS, which is your WTS or SATS).  If you are an hourly (non-exempt) employee assigned to work in a specific office, or if you have been instructed by an Officer in writing, enter daily job detail & time from your computer display clock as the time you start in the office (for example, 7:43 am) and the time you depart for the day. If you don't know or cannot find the project (job in the Client pull down menu), enter your time against the top level Client and post a message in the Description box on your TS to the effect that a determination of the specific project should be made this pay cycle. Otherwise, your email to [email protected] usually resolves TS and time entry matters.  An email to [email protected] usually resolves client billing matters.

A Manager or Officer's entry in a Description box on the last day of the pay period is required as Supervisor's approval or corrected classification of Employee's time. Entries are subject to review, audit, and correction to actual, at any time.

For "exempt" (salary) non-hourly paid workers, entry increments are for job cost, billing or security purposes only, pay, vacation and sick time per policy are processed in ½ day increments.

Billed Time may be rounded to the next increment by process. Your time and activities should be recorded as accurately as practical.

Do not enter time for travel to and from work or time at home unless your EA has an attachment or you have a letter from the CEO that specifically allows work -at -home.  Enter time at the office and at job sites for which we have active client contracts. Enter travel time only per company policy.  All client visits of every nature are recorded on your Time Sheet, and on your Expense report if one exists, to include the person(s) seen.

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