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US Dept. of Agriculture

BJY's Rockville Office is currently providing Architect and Engineering Services to the USDA, Agricultural Research Service, to support major facility renovation projects plus repair/maintenance, alteration and new construction projects for laboratory facilities throughout the United States and it’s Territories.

USDA ARS Range 2 Greenhouse, Beltsville, Maryland

Building 001 Research Lab and Administrative Building,
Beltsville, Maryland

Under contract to the USDA/ ARS, BJY conducted on-site surveys of this existing five-story masonry and concrete structure. The 1941 H-shaped building enclosed 61,000 SF of space including the adaptive reuse conversion of the existing attic to offices, with new handicapped access and toilets. As the building is part of a historic district, the original Neo-Georgian architectural appearance had to be maintained while incorporating a major technical upgrade of the building accessibility.

USDA ARS Range 2 Greenhouse, Beltsville, Maryland

Building 004 Research Lab and Administrative Building,
Beltsville, Maryland

Under contract to the USDA/ ARS, BJY provided complete programming, concept development and construction document services for the renovation of a $5.7 M, 39,000 SF four-story administration and research laboratory building. Originally constructed in 1939, the project included the total gut-renovation of the facility including mechanical, plumbing, electrical and telecommunications systems. The building design develops a modern flexible lab module, which was incorporated into an existing irregular structure.

USDA ARS Building 004, Beltsville, Maryland

Controlled Environment Facility, Beltsville, Maryland
BJY provided an investigative study of the alternative concepts, developed the scope and criteria, and documented the costs for this $4 million facility. The complex consists of three components: the Range 2 Greenhouses; the Plant Sciences Laboratory building; and the CEF. BJY was instrumental in the final resolution of this complex and provided construction documents for the $10 million Range 2 Greenhouse renovation and design review and value engineering services for the new adjacent $11 million plant science lab/office building. Originally a part of the Range 2 Greenhouse modernization and intended as a reuse of the existing Palm House footprint, the CEF was separated and designed as a new independent structure.

USDA ARS Controlled Environment Facility, Beltsville, Maryland

The BJY team has significant experience in the design of laboratory research facilities for the USDA/ARS. Having completed 12 exciting years of service on an indefinite delivery contract for the USDA/ARS including small and large-scale renovation/modernization and new construction programs, Services provided have included surveys, investigations and studies into design, complete construction documentation through to construction administration and commissioning.

USDA ARS Typical Renovated Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland

Through this program, BJY has developed a reputation of excellence in the design of research laboratories, animal facilities, greenhouses, biocontainment facilities, pilot plant facilities, central plants and administrative buildings. We have excelled in the planning, management and execution of complex multi-discipline services.

UDSA ARS Children's Nutrition Center, Houston, Texas

Children's Nutrition Research Center, Houston, Texas
BJY Bethesda Inc. designed this $35 million, 12-level research facility located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. The research facility has 90 labs for nutritional research. Other components include shielded areas, living quarters, animal care suites and a computer room, an editorial center, lecture conference facilities, and offices. The building is connected to existing facilities by a tunnel and an air bridge.

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Children's Nutrition Research Center, Houston, Texas

Open-end Contract,
Nationwide Facilities,
BJY is providing complete A/E design services for the USDA/APHIS under a nationwide indefinite quantity contract. We have worked on 31 tasks to date, including alterations to existing facilities as well as new design work.

USDA ARS Controlled Environment Facility, Beltsville, Maryland

USDA ARS South Regional Research Center Renovation, New Orleans, Louisiana

Exxon Companies

We have provided programming, planning and A/E design for Exxon over the years on many of their office and research facility projects, including:Indefinite Delivery Contract
This contract consists of three major projects involving evaluation and analysis of existing facilities, development of alternatives for meeting lab, office and testing facility needs for two Exxon groups, and renovation and design to provide needed facilities.Chemical Technology Center, Baytown, Texas
Complete planning, programming and final A/E design for this $23 million, multi-building complex which serves as the primary research and development operations for plastics technology development.

Quality Control Lab
This 11,000-square-foot lab features unique design with specialized HVAC and blast-sensitive sensors. Support structures include a water dematerializing control building and chemical storage warehouse.

Exxon Chemical Technology Center, Baytown, Texas

Ethyl Corporation

We have completed projects and are currently providing comprehensive laboratory programming and complete A/E design services to Ethyl for a number of their research and development projects.

Westport Laboratory Facility, Standard Oil Production Co., Houston, Texas
Planning, programming, design and construction phase services for a new 64,500 SF laboratory build out of a leased shell.

Laboratory Renovation, Bracknell, England
For this $3.5 million lab renovation, the existing lab portion of the building was remodeled in accordance with new code requirements and Ethyl Petroleum Additive Division standards.

Engineering Research Center, Texas A&M University
This 168,000 SF facility houses flexible labs for the expanding research needs of the College of Engineering at Texas A&M. The center contains sophisticated structures and materials laboratories for hydraulic loading and testing. Major design concerns were flexible utility and HVAC systems, and vibration isolation.

Weapons Neutron Research Center, Los Alamos, New Mexico
BJY designed this research facility for the study of neutrons. A 600-foot underground concrete tunnel was constructed to convey a proton beam to two underground targets. All internal areas feature a controlled environment involving air conditioning, humidity, heating differential pressures, special exhaust or absolute filtering. Special provisions were made for alarms, detectors, radioactive waste disposal, instrumentation and fire protection.

Eastern Regional Research Center,
Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania

BJY provided a campus-wide Facility Condition Study, the Program of Requirements development, and A/E design and phasing services for the complete upgrade of this administrative/research facility. The firm developed a 10-year implementation program for the estimated multi-million-dollar retrofit that considered current and projected needs and detailed plans to reduce costs with annual implementation packages.

School of Technology,
Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas

This $7.3 million 3-story building includes 49,000 SF of laboratory facilities. These labs accommodate teaching and research in technical fields, including petroleum, geology, and materials study and testing. Each lab is equipped with lab furniture, fume hoods and utilities.

Institute of Biosciences & Technology, Texas A&M University, Houston, Texas
BJY provided planning, programming and complete A/E design for this $40 million, two-building research center for Texas A&M. Each building is about 210,000 SF and houses equipment-intensive bioscience labs and engineering labs; animal research facilities; auditorium, food service and building support. The Phase I 11-story tower is constructed and was recognized for outstanding achievement in mechanical system design by the Associated Builders and Contractors. Vertical utility chases handle multiple fume hood duct systems.

Biotechnical Research Center Renovations, Confidential Client
BJY is providing overall responsibility for architectural and engineering design of a 17,000 SF Bio-Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) suite involving renovation and build-out within an existing pharmaceutical research laboratory. The project provided technical challenges, which were magnified by a tight schedule and budget resulting from design-build construction procurement.

Chemical Research Technical Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
This facility includes 23 chemical research labs, 107 fume hoods, VAV air control, three analytical labs, 25,000 SF computer space, offices, MRI lab room, two-story atrium, vibration isolation.

Quality Control Lab,
Pasadena, Texas

In this project for Ethyl, aesthetics and landscape architecture played an important role. The facility is a part of Ethyl's plant tour. The programming phase addressed client concerns for several new high-tech labs housing state-of-the-art equipment.

Lab Data Communications Center,
Los Alamos National Laboratory

The purpose of this $18 million project is to expand the computing capability of what is already the free world's largest computing facility. The new four-story facility, under design BJY, will house eight new Cray supercomputers and peripherals.

Open-End Contract,
Los Alamos National Laboratory

BJY is providing comprehensive multi-disciplined engineering services under a three-year task order contract at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The great variety of research lab assignments at LANL has increased the firm's capacity for design innovation. An example of a recent major project under this effort is design of an estimated $140 million Laser Target Test Facility to house 100 kilo-joule KrF laser fusion equipment. Special design features include a helium atmosphere for the optics building, pulsed-power capability, 58,000 SF laser bay and a specialized foundation design research shielding at target chamber

Isotopes Research Laboratory Complex,
U.S. Department of Energy,
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Design of a $10.5 million research and development laboratory complex for laser isotope separation and laser enhancement of chemical processes. Included in the project are a warehouse, offices and labs for optical, chemical, laser engineering, spectroscopy and electronics research.

Detonator Facility,
U.S. Department of Energy,
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Facility for the design, development and manufacturing of all detonators and cables used for the initiation of nuclear weapon high explosive systems. The building is divided into three major components: administrative, inert assembly, and high explosive assembly.

Office/Laboratory Building, National Wildlife Research Center,
Foothills Campus,
Colorado State University,
Fort Collins, Colorado
The project encompassed the development of the program requirements through completion of construction documents for an 85,000 SF office/laboratory facility, including 25,000 SF of office, conference and administration support facilities, 50 labs comprised of 32,000 SF of chemical, biological and radiological laboratory space. The Office/Laboratory Building is part of the total plan of relocation of the entire headquarters operation. It combines the administration and research functions, the Technology Transfer Center and the Conference Center into a single building sharing the site with the existing Animal Research Building, the planned Animal Research Support Building, animal pens, Warehouse Building and Bulk Chemical Storage.